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Beathovens Sphere
Drehkontrolle — Beathovens Sphere
Release date : Feb. 24, 2013
Label : Diametral
  1. Beathovens Sphere
  2. Beathovens Sphere (Gareth Whitehead Remix)
  3. Beathovens Sphere (Sophie Nixdorf Remix)
  4. Beathovens Sphere (Robin Jacobs Remix)

Drehkontrolle aka Sven Kegel is presenting his new Track „Beathovens Sphere“ on Diametral, directly moving onto the dancefloor by using stripped down techhouse-beats combined with an epical break including great classic strings. For remixing we did a big label-coop with the labelheads of Bulletdodge, Gareth Whitehead, Overdrive Records, Sophie Nixdorf and Skript Music, Robin Jacobs, all interpreting the original in their very unique electronic way.

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