Youko EP

Sophie Nixdorf — Youko EP
Release date : Mar. 06, 2015
Label : Rezongar

Sophie Nixdorf - Youko EP [RZG100] 01. Sophie Nixdorf - Youko (Original Mix) 02. Sophie Nixdorf - Youko (Dave Wincent Remix) 03. Sophie Nixdorf - Youko (Agrande Remix)

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Eric Sneo – I Remember (Sophie Nixdorf Remix)

Eric Sneo — I Remember
Release date : Nov. 21, 2013
Label : Beatdisaster

Eric Sneo featuring Marq Figuli I remember" was the secret hit tune on Eric"s last album polarity". Here it comes as an own release on Beatdisaster records to be presented again with videoclip and great remixes of Tom Wax and Sophie Nixdorf. Let your sould be touched by this song full of spirit and emotion...

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Bass Beauty

Sophie Nixdorf — Bass Beauty
Release date : Nov. 11, 2013
Label : Overdrive

Sophie Nixdorf is back with some powerful and energetic tracks. Bass Beauty is our favorite on this EP! All About Me and Blizzing delivers so great grooves and energy for the dancefloor. Dark Desert is an uplifting technotool with hypnotic basslines. Great remixes with deep acidlines give a new impression early in the morning.

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Sophie Nixdorf — Creedless
Release date : Feb. 15, 2013
Label : Overdrive

Sophie is back! A great techhouse release for  all  vinyl - lovers as well!!! All 3 tracks have minimalistic, groovin and deep floating sounds . Keep the spirit alive with this release!!

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Kiko Sho Senso

Sophie Nixdorf — Kiko Sho Senso
Release date : Sept. 25, 2012
Label : Diametral

The next big Techhouse Bomb is launched on Diametral Cube, this time with Overdrive Labelhead Sophie Nixdorf. 3 Tracks directly made for the dancfloor with groovy kicks, percussions and electrifying basslines. For the Remixes coming in techhouse master Stanny Franssen from Belgium and for some darker parts Shi Buka aka Swen Hutmacher, already known from his latest Cube release... get it on! Big DJ Support by Richie Hawtin!

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Beathovens Sphere

Drehkontrolle — Beathovens Sphere
Release date : Feb. 24, 2013
Label : Diametral

Drehkontrolle aka Sven Kegel is presenting his new Track "Beathovens Sphere" on Diametral, directly moving onto the dancefloor by using stripped down techhouse-beats combined with an epical break including great classic strings. For remixing we did a big label-coop with the labelheads of Bulletdodge, Gareth Whitehead, Overdrive Records, Sophie Nixdorf and Skript Music, Robin Jacobs, all interpreting the original in their very unique electronic way

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Three Homes

Lado — Three Homes
Release date : Jul. 17, 2012
Label : Front Records

Unique and wicked vibes on Front Rec! Lado brought techno-melodic chemistry to us in shape of "Three Homes" and its catchy lead synth riff and melancholic sounds which makes it driving and perfect for peak times.

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20 Years

Various Artists — 20 Years
Release date : May. 26, 2011
Label : Overdrive

Celebrating its TWENTY's birthday, Overdrive presents you a special compilation of its Clubtour 2011 Artists.

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